What is Catalyst?

We help individuals transition from injury back to performance - whether that’s in the gym, out on the trails, or playing with their kids.

A progressive chiropractic clinic that emphasizes patient education, clinician-guided strength training programs, and manual therapy. Catalyst, located in downtown Kelowna, is described as a boutique-style gym-clinic hybrid, ensuring a clean and comfortable setting for individuals to pursue their health and fitness goals.

The Catalyst Difference

We pride ourselves on an elevated patient experience characterized by longer appointment times, and check-ins between scheduled appointments. We want to facilitate in-depth discussions, comprehensive treatments and ample education to empower patients to be actively engaged in their treatment plans

Here is what a typical patient experience at Catalyst looks like:

Our intake form is detailed for a reason! Take the time to outline your short and long term goals as this allows us to better tailor your session to your needs.

This is where you have the opportunity to tell your story, uninterrupted.

Followed by The Catalyst Movement Screen and any other necessary orthopedic or neurological testing.

Next up, we go through sport or activity specific strength & endurance testing to establish a baseline.

Then we make a moment to dive into the education on what may be contributing to your symptoms and the true root cause. This is followed by a detailed description of your personalized treatment plan.

A combination of corrective exercise and manual therapy to reduce pain and restore mobility.

This will progress into proper strength training for long-term pain reduction and injury mitigation.

The clinician sends a follow-up email outlining the education moment and any at-home exercise prescription.

Additionally, the clinician checks in with the patient over the phone or via email between appointments, providing real-time advice and making changes to the corrective exercises if needed.

The ball is in your court to follow through with your “homework” and treatment plan – you’ve got this, and it will be worth it!


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